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Teaching Methodology

  • The significant concepts in each subjects are clarified
  • Specialized teaching for each subject.
  • Regular assignments for practice
  • Detailed and exam oriented study material with special focus during classroom session
  • Test series: tests are regularly conducted for every topic
  • ICT enabled teaching to keep up with the latest trends

Strategy For Indian Civil Services Exams

For Indian civil services Preliminary Exams

  • Aspirants should Go through the Syllabus in detail.
  • Regarding preliminary exam one should go through the PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS.
  • Sort out the question papers according to the syllabus chapter-wise.
  • Analyze the Question papers pertaining to different chapters.
  • The analysis will give an idea as to how the questions are asked.
  • The pattern of the question may vary from one to other but the answer to the question may be same .ie. The Questions are twisted from the basic concept of the particular subject.
  • May see the different types of questions from easy to very hard in nature.
  • UPSC also sets the questions in different categories viz very easy to answer, Easy to answer, Moderate tough, Very tough, Difficult to conclude an answer.
  • One should make out the areas where the thrust has been given over the years.
  • This Analysis will give an idea about the trend of question setting.
  • Give more thrust to the areas where maximum questions have been asked.
  • Try to answer the old question as it was asked in the original question papers.
  • Try to answer the questions sorted out according to the chapters or themes.
  • Collect the standard books which can give maximum answers to the sorted question.
  • After studying the whole syllabus one should work out the above Questions and find out their stand.
  • Practice as many model question papers as possible before the exams. Follow the time frame STRICTLY.

For Indian civil services Mains Exams

The Preparation for mains should be done besides prelims preparation.

  • Sort Out the question according the different chapters of the Syllabus.
  • Analysis the question asked over the years.
  • Find out important chapters which are frequently asked.
  • The Questions asked are like Examine, Elucidate, Explain, Elaborate, Define, Brief, Summarize,. Compare, Differentiate etc., these have different meanings.
  • Aspirants should answer according to the questions being asked.
  • The word limits are crucial because one very good and elaborate answer will not fetch high marks. Infact word limit equates to time limit.
  • Practice previous year question papers keeping the time frame.
  • Write the answers in current context with reference to recent events wherever required and possible.
  • Prioritize the strong areas in the sequence of writing the answers.

Writing Skills

Tests & Evaluation

Many of us want to improve their writing skills and can only be achieved if we practice on a regular basis. As experts pointed out, it is vital to get some feedback on your writing, you want to know if what you write 'sounds good’ In order to achieve outstanding success at the UPSC civil service examination, the student needs to achieve a certain mastery as far as writing skills are concerned especially precise and to the point answers. It requires rigorous writing practice. The class room sessions by themselves are so comprehensive that they take special care to hone the writing skills of our students. Both for the mains and the prelims, the student needs to be correct, concise and precise. Developing good writing skills requires not only time and effort but also the guidance of an expert. This is efficiently rendered by the faculty in Lakshya Institute.

You see, there is much to know when learning how to improve English writing skills.

Not only will you learn how to improve English writing skills from attending Lakshya institute you'll get access to guided composition writing at the highest levels with advanced exercises designed to help you go from being an average or upper intermediate writer, to being a proficient writer of the English language.

Writing the Essay

When learning how to write an English essay, it helps to learn from someone who has actually written a few themselves. In other words, it helps to learn how to do something from someone who has actually done it. If there is one area where students can really improve their writing, it's got to be in the planning stage of their essays. I know, I know, I can hear you now, "but there's not enough time to make a plan."

So now we get to the real question you should be asking. Instead of asking how to write an English essay, you would be much better served by asking how to plan an English essay. You see, if you plan well enough the essay practically writes itself.

That's why, if you really want to know how to write an English essay, you should consider attending Lakshya institute a very serious consideration.