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Ajit Padwal Sir

Director’s Note

Dear Candidate It has been more than Twenty One Years that LAKSHYA ACADEMY was established with a mission to train aspiring candidates to secure merit in the prestigious UPSC and MPSC examinations and join the esteemed administrative services which forms the robust bureaucratic steel-frame of Democratic India. In the year 2002, when LAKSHYA ACADEMY was established, only about 18-20 candidates used to opt for Administrative Services from Mumbai. Today, the number has increased substantially, especially in Mumbai due to the stellar role played by LAKSHYA ACADEMY. LAKSHYA ACADEMY has successfully been organizing several workshops and seminars for candidates and parents in various districts of Maharashtra to enlighten them about the Civil Services examination with the help of various Publicity forums and popular Marathi Dailies. The students who showed interest were offered rigorous training and coaching by LAKSHYA ACADEMY combined with guidance from experienced professors, test series and a well-equipped library. 


After thoroughly reviewing the outstanding books and study materials found in the states of UP, Bihar, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and other states, it is made available to the students. Our efforts along with that of the other institutes in Maharashtra were paid off. The outcome was amazing. Around 60 to 70 students from Maharashtra stood in the merit list and this went on for three years successively. Maharashtra has now invariably acquired the second or third ranking with regard to the number of candidates in the UPSC’s merit list. The mission is to set a benchmark by taking this state to the fi rst position as far as UPSC examinations are concerned

This”To empower and guide aspiring individuals towards success in the MPSC and UPSC examinations by providing comprehensive, structured, and high-quality education. Our mission is to foster an environment that nurtures intellectual growth, critical thinking, and ethical leadership, ultimately contributing to the development of responsible and capable public servants.” Enlightening the young talent and grooming them for IAS, IPS, IFS

Mumbai is the financial capital of the nation. Many important events took place here, before and after independence. Yet students do not take keen interest and show a lack of awareness for competitive exams like the UPSC. Maharashtra lags behind. The aim of Lakshya IAS Academy as the Best IAS coaching center is to render qualitative training to the talented young mind and groom them to succeed in IAS, IPS, IFS competitive exams.

The Reasons: Maharashtra lags behind in competitive tests because…..

Students from Maharashtra have made tremendous progress in the corporate field but their presence in Government Administration, especially at the helm, is negligible. Maharashtra contributes to 10% national population but less than 7% to its administration.

To add to this young boys and girls from the state are lured by medical, engineering, and other lucrative fields. The luster of the media also attracts them. It is imperative that Maharashtra should have a definite say in the national administration and in national affairs. The UPSC provides a vast scope and candidates should take constructive advantage of this opportunity.

Population, Graduates and competitive tests

Around 4 to 5 lac students graduate with some degree per year, out of 11.24 crore population of Maharashtra. In spite of this only 60-70 candidates are selected for IAS, IFS and IPS, and allied services. For instance, In 2010, 70 candidates got selected. This is why we say there is a huge scope for a career in the Administrative field.

Administrative Power of Maharashtra vis a vis other states

Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh from North, and Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala from south send more than 70% of their youth for the Competitive tests to serve either state or central cadre. Maharashtra should, in fact send many more candidates and strengthen its cadre. These candidates are well versed with the local problems and hence may be the right people to govern their own state.

Preparing the policy makers

It is an Administration that draws out developmental plans. The actual implementation of these plans spells the development, prosperity of the State or Nation. Though Maharashtra is a progressive state and a lot has been done in that direction, still it is not sufficient. In that context, the people mostly conversant with the State’s problems, alone, can tackle them. The aim of Lakshya IAS Academy is to provide the best UPSC classes and take concentrated efforts to prepare these students who are conversant and able administrators by giving them appropriate guidance.

To continue the main administrative force from C.D. Deshmukh to Ajit Joshi And next…

Mr. C.D. Deshmukh earned the honor by obtaining the first rank in the then renowned ICS Exams (now known as CSE-IAS) from all over the country. India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was astonished by his excellence and administrative skills and bestowed on him the Honored designation of being the First appointed Finance minister of Republic India. In order to sustain, the tradition of revered Mr. C.D. Deshmukh, #LakshyaIASAcademy has incessantly fulfilled its role of being #catalyst in the making of many more such able aspirants into IAS officers in the form of Mr. Ajit Joshi & Mr. Vinod Kawale (IAS), Mr. Deepak Shinde (IAS), Mr. Rohan Samant (IPS), Ms. Puja Tillu (IFS) who have been torchbearers of this tradition

  • Strive for academic excellence by delivering well-researched, updated, and relevant content.
  • Provide a learning environment that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of subjects.
  • Offer personalized guidance and support to each student, recognizing their strengths and areas that need improvement.
  • Conduct regular assessments to track progress and tailor teaching methods accordingly.

To Increase Maharashtra’s share in Direct Decision Making Process

According to 2011 census, India has a population of 1.21 Billion. The political and administrative prospects are in the hands of politicians and administrative cadre. Some of the youngsters do not digest the muddy and queer ways in politics. They have an option to be part of the decision making group, grabbing the lion’s share. As top IAS coaching centre aims to train and prepare such young men and women and turn them into able administrators. Lakshya Academy strives for more active part in this.

To prepare an able and skillful administrator’s team

Indian Constitution vows for a strong and prosperous India and has entrusted the Administrative services with certain special rights. To exercise and implement them skillfully an able Administrative class is needed. LAKSHYA IAS ACADEMY has gathered the resources to prepare the trained, able Administrators who have not forgotten their duty to the social development – It’s such people with a philanthropic bent of mind who need not despise or ignore politics but rather improve it.

How does the Lakshya Academy prepare?

Preparations for UPSC require sustained efforts, a sharp focus and vast knowledge. Lakshya IAS Academy broadens your horizons. The coaching at Top IAS Academy is integrated as it take care of all that is required to get a crack at the UPSC examination. There is a rigorous and comprehensive teaching schedule inundated with regular tests and evaluation. The salient feature of best UPSC coaching centre has almost all the study material available in the market. The teaching sessions are interactive by topnotch faculty who had a first hand experience of the examinations. Last but most important is that Lakshya IAS Academy is fully aware of the change in the pattern and has incorporated these changes in the teaching pattern. We are not leaving any stone unturned. True to its name, Top IAS coaching centre in city or the goal is our final frontier.