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It is not necessary to go to Delhi for UPSC preparation. While Delhi is known for its many coaching institutes and study resources, aspirants can prepare for the UPSC exam from anywhere in the country. In recent years, online coaching and study materials have become increasingly popular, making it easier for aspirants to access quality study material and guidance from anywhere in the country.

Going to Delhi for UPSC preparation has its own set of pros and cons. Here are some of them:


1. Access to quality coaching institutes: Delhi is known for its many coaching institutes that offer guidance and study materials for UPSC preparation. These institutes have experienced faculties, structured study materials, and test series that can help aspirants in their preparation.

2. Competitive environment: Delhi attracts thousands of UPSC aspirants every year, which creates a competitive environment that can motivate students to perform better.

3. Access to libraries: Delhi has several libraries that cater to UPSC aspirants. These libraries have a vast collection of study materials, books, and journals that can aid aspirants in their preparation.

4. Guidance from experts: Delhi has many study circles and organizations that organize seminars, lectures, and workshops on various subjects. Aspirants can attend these sessions and interact with experts in the field to gain insights and clarifications.


1. High living costs: Delhi is one of the most expensive cities in India, and the cost of living can be high. Accommodation, food, and transport can be costly, which can add to the financial burden of UPSC aspirants.

2. Cut-throat competition: The competitive environment in Delhi can be overwhelming for some aspirants. It can create stress and anxiety, which can impact the performance of some students.

3. Distractions: Delhi is a bustling city with a lot of distractions that can divert the focus of aspirants. It can be challenging to stay focused and motivated in such an environment.

4. Language barrier: Delhi is predominantly a Hindi-speaking city, and aspirants who are not proficient in Hindi may face communication issues, which can be a hurdle in their preparation.

In conclusion, going to Delhi for UPSC preparation can have its advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences, resources, and circumstances. While Delhi can offer access to quality coaching institutes and study resources, it can also be expensive and competitive. Aspirants should evaluate the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

However, if you choose to study in Delhi, you will have access to a wide range of coaching institutes, libraries, and study circles, which can provide a supportive and competitive environment for UPSC preparation. You can also attend seminars and interact with experts in the field.

Ultimately, the decision to study in Delhi or any other location should depend on your personal preferences, resources, and circumstances. With hard work, dedication, and the right resources, you can crack the UPSC exam from anywhere in the country. LAKSHYA IAS ACADEMY IS PROVIDING DELHI LIKE QULITY IN TEACHING AND RESOURCES FOR UPSC ASPIRANTS IN MUMBAI.