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Which NCERT Books Are Required For UPSC?


NCERT books are an essential part of UPSC exam preparation, as they provide a strong foundation and understanding of various subjects. Here are the NCERT books that are recommended for UPSC exam preparation:

1. History:

– Class VI: Our Past
– Class VII: Our Past-II
– Class VIII: Our Past-III
– Class IX: India and the Contemporary World-I
– Class X: India and the Contemporary World-II
– Class XI: Themes in World History
– Class XII: Themes in Indian History-I and II

2. Geography:

– Class VI: The Earth Our Habitat
– Class VII: Our Environment
– Class VIII: Resource and Development
– Class IX: Contemporary India-I
– Class X: Contemporary India-II
– Class XI: Fundamentals of Physical Geography
– Class XII: Fundamentals of Human Geography

3. Polity:

– Class IX: Democratic Politics-I
– Class X: Democratic Politics-II
– Class XI: Indian Constitution at Work
– Class XII: Politics in India since Independence

4. Economy:

– Class IX: Economics
– Class X: Understanding Economic Development
– Class XI: Indian Economic Development
– Class XII: Introductory Microeconomics and Introductory Macroeconomics

5. Science:

– Class VI: Science
– Class VII: Science
– Class VIII: Science
– Class IX: Science
– Class X: Science
– Class XI: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
– Class XII: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and aspirants should refer to the UPSC syllabus and consult with their mentors or coaching institutes for additional reading material.