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Best IAS Coaching Classes in Mumbai

Lakshya IAS Academy study point is established with the aim to provide a complete solution to the students. Preparing for the entrance exam of  IAS, IPS, Allied services as well as  MPSC, etc. We Stand as Best IAS Coaching Classes In Mumbai, so we provide a comprehensive approach to crack civil services exams like IAS.

Best IAS Coaching Classes

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We are a premier IAS Coaching In Mumbai. Over the years we have produced excellent results. The institute has become the preferred destination for high achievers and gold medalists in order to realize their dreams.

The faculty of the institute includes professionals as well as academicians. Thus it is the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

We as the Best IAS Classes In Mumbai value your aspirations and are hence highly concerned about your success in civil services. Our mission is to demystify the civil services entrance exam. And help the students to acquire the competence and confidence to achieve their goals in the IAS exam.

What is the IAS Purpose of Interviews?

Interviews are generally the last stage of the recruitment and selection process For the IAS exam. We stand as the Best IAS Coaching In Mumbai preparation institute in Mumbai. So we giving you some tips for your IAS Interview preparation. The actual purpose of the interview is to Test if the Personility of the candidate is fit for the institute/ job or the post for which she/he has applied for. 

The purpose of the interview process is to select those candidates whose personalities are best suitable for the institute/job. Since IAS interviews are generally the last stage and prior to this stage the knowledge and aptitude of the candidates. Are already checked thus they are not at all the test of knowledge. 

Those candidates who reach the final stage of the interview. Have already qualified for the written exams and have already proved their ability and knowledge. 

In the interview, it is judged if the candidate is able to apply that proven knowledge and skills in the daily life situation as per the demand of the job. It is also judged that how quickly the candidate takes the right decisions and communicates effectively.

What are the Qualities required to crack the interviews?

(Here are some qualities given by Lakshya IAS Academy. For IAS interview Preparation as stand as  the Best IAS Coaching Classes in Mumbai)

As written in the previous section that the purpose of the interview is the select the candidate who is the best fit for the job profile. Also as the qualities demanded for a Post differ as per the type of the Post. There are some qualities that are generally required in all the jobs and thus tested in the interviews. 

  1. These qualities are:
  2. Integrity and Honesty
  3. Confidence
  4. Discipline
  5. Commitment toward the professional life
  6. Quick decision making

How are these qualities tested by the IAS interview panel?

The fundamental purpose of the interview board/panel is to know your personality. Whatever may be the kind of question asked by the interview board or panel. The purpose behind it is to elicit the information about your personality this is analyzed by Best IAS Classes In Mumbai

Since your resume is the first means through which the interview board/panel gets to know about you. It must be prepared very meticulously. 

While answering the questions of the interview board. It should be kept in mind that the answers are consistent with what is displayed in the Resume. 

There are various ways given by IAS Coaching In Mumbai through which the qualities mentioned in the above section are. Judged by different interview boards/panels for different candidates. However, the following are generally the ways in which the above-mentioned qualities are judged by the interview board/panel. 

As the Best IAS Coaching in Mumbai. We are sharing some tips for students or a candidate who are preparing for an IAS interview.

Qualities required to crack IAS interviews
Qualities required to crack IAS interviews
  1. Integrity and Honesty in IAS Interview:- None of the interview Boards in this world wants to choose a candidate whose integrity can be doubted. The IAS interview board can compromise on attributes like knowledge and skills. But if they lack integrity is displayed in the interview it could result in rejection or very low marks in the interview. According to us (Best IAS Classes In Mumbai) Generally, the interview board judges the integrity through the consistency in your answers and resume. Various interview board/panels also go for Situation Reaction Test (SRT) to verify this. The board through different questions verifies various aspects of the integrity. The slightest doubt or dilemma through inconsistency or wrong information could spoil the whole interview of the candidates. Thus it is advisable to give correct information in the resume and while answering the questions. 
  1. Confidence in  Interview:- Confidence is an important attribute that the interview board/panel searches for in the candidates mainly in the IAS exam. It is checked from the moment candidate enters the interview room and starts interacting. While confidence is a positive trait, overconfidence reflects a weakness. The personality can go against the candidate. At times the interview board/panel checks the confidence by throwing a volley of difficult questions at the candidate. The purpose is not to check the knowledge but to check how confident the candidate reacts while facing difficult situations. Confidence is also judged through the non-verbal communication of the IAS candidate. Through body language, facial expressions, and style of interaction. 
  1. Discipline in  Interview:- This is also one such trait that the interview IAS board/panel looks for in almost all of the interviews. The interview board can ask various direct or indirect questions to check this trait in the IAS candidates. From even the clothes and shoes that the candidate is wearing the board can get some idea about the trait. Even very simple questions like ” describe your daily routine on a normal day” or “how do you spend your weekends” can be questions. From which this trait could be checked by the interview board. We are in the Best IAS Classes in Mumbai so we are giving you these tips.
  1. Commitment Towards the professional IAS Life:- The easiest way for an interview board/panel to judge the commitment of a candidate. Toward her/his IAS professional life is by analyzing the past academic and/or job record. It is generally perceived that IAS candidates with reasonably good past would repeat the same in the future. 
  2. Quick and correct Decision Making:  According to Best IAS Coaching Classes In Mumbai. Quick and correct decision-making is the core of IAS interviews. At times there are candidates who have wonderful academic records but they lack the art of decision making. While there are others who in order to take quick decisions do not take into account all the contextual factors. In order to check these traits, the IAS interview board can go for Situation Reaction Test. Where a hypothetical situation is given to the candidate and she/he is asked to take the decision based upon that. Also, simple questions like, “Why did you choose subject X in your graduation” or “Why do you want to join this organization” could be asked to understand the decision-making of the IAS candidate.
  3. Awareness about the current happenings:- To remain updated and be curious to know about the changes happening around is a desirable personality trait. This personality trait is the easiest to judge. As the IAS board can ask questions related to the current happening in the world, national, sports, etc. Please remember that board will not ask anything under the sun but would get cues from your profile and answers.  Hear the Best example given by the Best IAS Classes in Mumbai For example. If you have written Cricket as your hobby in your, the board can ask about the new rules introduced by ICC in the one-day international matches. Thus it seems that the question is related to cricket but actually through this question the interview board is checking this personality trait of yours. 

Tips Given By Best IAS Coaching in Mumbai regarding How to start preparing for the IAS interview? 

This is one question that comes to the mind of every IAS candidate who gets an interview call. It must be remembered that the IAS interview is not a test of knowledge but a personality test of an IAS candidate. Since it is centered around your personality. The first step for the interview should be to prepare your resume and anticipate the questions which can be based on your resume. 

One should spend about one full day in planning and anticipating the questions that can be raised during the interview. It would be better to read the interviews of the successful candidates. Especially those who have similar academic/job profiles as yours. These are The preparation strategy for the IAS interview share by the Best IAS Coaching Classes In Mumbai and IAS Classes In Mumbai as well as Best IAS Coaching In Mumbai.

Best IAS Coaching Classes In Mumbai