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Preparation Strategy for UPSC IAS Interview

There is just one mantra to prepare for the IAS interview. It is to anticipate the questions and prepare them beforehand. It’s a fact that the interview panel apart from a few prepared questions, takes the cue of the questions in the interview either from your resume or from the answers. 

Thus in order to anticipate the questions prepare the questions based on your resume. During preparation try to make your answer catchy and powerful.

Action Plan For IAS Interview

The diagram below shows various important sections which should be meticulously prepared to IAS Crack the interview. We have elaborately discussed the strategy for each section separately in detail.

Personal Section In IAS Interview

The interview generally begins with a few personal questions. The first few questions are generally asked in an interview to break the ice and to have an idea about the family background of the IAS Interview candidates. One of the very popular questions that are being asked in the IAS interview is ” Tell me something about yourself?”. It’s very important to prepare this question. 

Generally, candidates start with their name, father’s name, and academic background and end up telling their hobbies. Candidates can prepare this question effectively and creatively not just to create an impact on the interview board but also to give cue to the interview board for the next questions. 

Consider the following two ways to answer this question:

 “Tell me something about yourself”

 Answer 1 
  • My name is Rajeev Ranjan
  • My father’s name is Mr. R.S. Ranjan 
  • I belong to Bakaro City 
  • I have done my B.Com from Patna University I have work experience of one year in Big Bazaar as a Cashier 
  • My hobbies are playing football and listening to music 
Answer 2 
  •         I am Rajeev Ranjan from Steel City Bokaro.
  •         I am a graduate of Commerce from Patna University. 
  •        And I worked with the leading retail chain in India, i.e. Big Bazaar for a year after my graduation. 
  •         About my hobbies, I religiously follow Soccer and enjoy old Bollywood melodies.

Answer 2 is more effective as compared to Answer 1. It is not just more effective but also gives the following cues for the next questions to the Interview Board:

  1. Steel City: Board can ask why it is called steel city, which are the major steel production cities etc. 
  2. Leading Retail Chain: What are the other Retail Chains, How retail chains are different from other shops etc. 
  3. Follow Soccer: Which is your favorite football team and player, who is the captain of the Indian football team etc. 
  4. Bollywood Melodies: Who is your favorite singer, how are old and new songs different, etc. 

In the personal section one should prepare the following questions for IAS Interview: 

 Meaning of your Name.  

  • Details about the City you belong to, especially if it is famous for. something or some important personality is associated with.
  • About your State, population, important cities of your state chief Minister, ruling political party, and a number of districts. 
  • And Details about the occupation of your father. 
  • Strength and weaknesses of your personality: with examples in your past life which prove them. Why do you think that they are strengths and weaknesses? 

Important Facts Related to Your Hobbies. Also, prepare questions like:

  1. What have I learned from this hobby? 
  2. Is there any synergy between this activity and my chosen profession? If so, how? 
  3. How will I continue with this activity in the future, in my work life, with time constraints? 

Academic Background  IAS Interview

This is one area that can invite a lot of questions. There could be questions on the application part as well. First and foremost, you must revisit your textbooks and brush up on your basics. You should be able to explain theoretical concepts in layman’s terms. 

And be able to find applications for the theory you have learned. Practice explaining ideas in simple and clear language with day-to-day analogies or examples, as that will show a very in-depth understanding of the subject. For the questions related to the different subjects please follow the link: 

Future Goals In IAS Interview 

Candidates must prepare questions related to their future goals. They should also be able to correlate how after qualifying for this interview they would be able to achieve their goals.

The ideal way to prepare for this section is to think clearly about the following questions: 

  1. What are my short-term goals? 
  2. What are my mid-term goals? 
  3. As well as what are my long-term goals? 
  4. How after cracking this IAS interview I would be able to cater to all these three? 
  5. If you fail to crack this interview what are the other options you have? What is the ultimate goal of your life?
  6. Which is the personality you admire most and why? 

Current Events 

The current events must be prepared for all the interviews. Gear up for the general awareness/current affairs area by brushing up on the last six months. The Current events of your state, related to your hobby, and related to your district must be elaborately prepared. You can visit the current affairs section of this website to prepare this website. 

Also, be aware of the current challenges and the happenings around the world. In the present context the following topics can be prepared: 

  1. Climate Change and its threat to the world 
  2. Globalization (Good or Bad) 
  3. Naxalism 
  4. Terrorism 
  5. Corruption and Black Money 
  6. Colation Politics in India 
  7. Gender Issues (issues of women’s rights and rights of homosexuals) 
  8. Lok Pal Bill 
  9. Indo-Pak relations
  10. Indo-US relations 
  11. Indo-China relations 
  12. 2G scam 
  13. Poverty in India 
  14. Indo-Pak relation 
  15. Right to Education: Current verdict by Supreme Court 

You can visit the National Issue section of our website to brush up on these issues effectively.

IAS Post and Profile :

You should also have a full idea about the Post you have applied for. Should be aware of the roles and responsibilities as well as the risks associated with the Post. And you must also understand what are the innate qualities required for that profile. Try to highlight those qualities in one way or the other during the interview. Best IAS Coaching Classes In MumbaiBest IAS Coaching Classes In MumbaiBest IAS Coaching Classes In Mumbai