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How to Dress Up for UPSC Interview

Dressing Style for the UPSC Interview 

How to Dress Up for UPSC Interview
How to Dress Up for UPSC Interview

The first impression you make on the interview board/panel is the most important one. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That’s why it’s always important to dress professionally for UPSC interviews (How to Dress Up for UPSC Interview). 

Appropriate dress supports your image as a person who takes the interview process seriously and reflects the values like Discipline, being systematic, and Professionalism.

The following Should be Kept in Mind While Going Tips for IAS Interview :

Tips for UPSC IAS Interview
Tips for UPSC IAS Interview
  1. Wearing a business suit for a UPSC interview in the summer season might go against you in your interview. 
  1. The best way to choose your dress for the interview is to adhere to conservative styles and colors. Navy and Dark Gray are safe and are the most conservative for men. Other color trends may come and go, and Avoid the extremes. Wool, wool blends, or very high-quality natural and synthetic fiber blends are acceptable fabrics for a conservative suit.
  2. Choose long-sleeved shirts, even in summer. Do not fold the sleeves of your shirt before or during the UPSC interview. A dark shirt might not be acceptable in a formal UPSC?IAS Interview. 
  1. Avoid wearing clothes that are not formal in colors and styles.
  2. Ties in UPSC Interview: Select good-quality silk ties. Do not wear a tie if you are not comfortable with it. However, we would advise wearing a tie in the interview. There are generally Two Ways to Choose a tie, one is matching the shirt’s color, and the other is in contrast to the shirt’s color. In the UPSC interview, it is advisable to wear a matching tie. Avoid fashion extremes, like character ties, in UPSC interviews.
  3. Trousers in UPSC Interview: Trousers of the dark color of the conservative fabric are advisable. Black, dark blue, and gray are the conservative colors that should be preferred. Do not wear jeans in the interview.
  4. Belt in UPSC Interview: Always wear a belt. The color of the belt should preferably be matching with the shoes. The buckle of the belt should not be too big or too small. Avoid double and fashionable belt buckles in the UPSC interviews.
  5. The colors of the socks should be dark and in matching with that of the trousers.
  6. The Shoes: should be well polished. Simple shoes with laces are considered to be formal and appropriate for the interview.
  7. Wear a conservative watch. If you choose to wear other jewelry, be conservative.
  1. Always carry a file or small briefcase along with a pen. Carry a copy of all your important documents.

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