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Interview Preparation Tips

Best UPSC/ MPSC Interview Preparation Tips

Preparation Strategy for UPSC IAS Interview

There is just one mantra to prepare for the IAS interview. It is to anticipate the questions and prepare them beforehand. It’s a fact that…

Best IAS Coaching Classes in Mumbai

Lakshya IAS Academy study point is established with the aim to provide a complete solution to the students. Preparing for the entrance exam of  IAS,…

Human Body (मानवी शरीर) Science in Marathi MPSC

मानवी शरीर पेशी हा शरीराचा सर्वात लहान भाग आहे. मानवी शरीर लाखो पेशींनी बनलेले आहे. मनुष्याच्या पेशी मिळून एक उती, अनेक वेगवेगळ्या ऊती मिळून एक…

UPSC/MPSC/IAS Mock Interview